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May 1, 1990


Lawrence police today still could not positively identify a female body found Friday in East Lawrence, but said they are investigating the possibility that the body is that of a Lawrence woman who disappeared last fall.

Chris Mulvenon, police spokesman, today said officers were unable to match fingerprints taken Monday from the body with prints on file at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation in Topeka.

Mulvenon said a KBI spokesman told the department that because of the condition of the fingerprints on the partially decomposed body, a KBI agent would have to personally obtain prints from the body before officials will be able to positively identify the woman.

Mulvenon said the KBI would examine the body Wednesday.

The body was found about 12:30 p.m. Friday in a brushy, wooded area just south of the 800 block of East Eighth Street. Police have said that the partially clothed body is that of a woman between the ages of the late teens and early 30s.

The fingerprints were intact enough to allow investigators to narrow the list of possible victims down to "a couple" of missing women, Mulvenon said.

Gene Bickford, 723 N.Y., said detectives questioned him and his wife shortly after Halloween about the disappearance of a local woman. Bickford said detectives told him that the woman was last seen when she was dropped off in the area.

Mulvenon confirmed today that one of the potential victims is the woman, 25, who disappeared on Halloween.

Mulvenon declined to give further information about the potential victims "for fear of being wrong" and "without the proper family notification."

An autopsy will be conducted today.

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