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May 1, 1990


Editor, Journal-World:

On Monday morning, April 23, 1990, my son and I were going from Lake Pomona to Lawrence for a doctor appointment. We were on County Road 1029 up from the Globe store and we found 10 little puppies peeking out of the ditch at us. Needless to say, we rescued them. To the irresponsible pet owner, I say you are the disgrace of the world. Please if you do not want puppies, get your pet spayed or neutered.

To the Lawrence Humane Society, 1805 E. 19th, thank you for being there when we did not know what else to do. We had a hard time turning over the puppies as in two hours we were attached to them, but what in the world could we do with 10 puppies and no mother and no idea how old they were or anything about them. For people who would like to adopt a really cute puppy, these 10 will be ready for adoption in a few days if they all live. As for our family, we are sending a donation to the humane society as a "thank you'' for being very nice and helpful and for being there when we needed you.

If this letter has affected you in any way, I encourage you to get your animals fixed if litters are not desired, or to adopt one of these cute puppies so they can have a home, or send a donation to the shelter to help them continue doing such a fine job with truly nice employees.

Joyce J. Hiatt

Lyndon, Kan.

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