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May 1, 1990


The Senate Executive Committee at Kansas University passed four policies Monday to encourage increased participation by minorities in fraternities and sororities on campus.

Lorraine Moore, a member of SenEx's subcommittee on human relations, said the policies should be positive and not coercive. She said the responsibility for improving the racial mix in Greek housing should rest with the housing groups.

"These groups are interested in making a good-faith effort to achieve cultural diversity in their membership," Moore said in a report to SenEx. "For these reasons, it would seem that the first step for university governance would be to encourage the student organizations to set their own goals and timetables and urge them to implement their own aggressive recruitment programs."

THE COMMITTEE recommended that SenEx pass the following amended policies on minority relations. That the:

Office of Student Affairs urge the Panhellenic Assn., the Interfraternity Council and the Black Panhellenic Council to implement an aggressive program to recruit minority members.

Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Assn. complete a progressive series of workshops and meetings on cultural diversity, create a better level of communication and interaction with Black Panhellenic Council, adjust their membership recruitment processes to increase access by the multicultural community and offer two identical information sessions during summer 1990 orientation programs.

University analyze the distribution of students by ethnicity, race and geographical origin in campus housing and sorority and fraternity houses and to make the analysis available to groups studying discrimination on campus.

1990/1991 Human Relations Committee work with the Student Housing Office to devise a plan that will result in a distribution of cultural, racial and ethnic groups in campus residence halls that more closely resembles the distributions of the groups in the student body.

During their research, the human relations committee found that students in KU residence halls are 79.7 percent white, said Rosemary McDonough, who chaired the committee. But GSP-Corbin Halls are about 93 percent white, she said. The halls are the first to be filled, she said.

"The applications come from white, affluent sections of Kansas, like Johnson County," McDonough said.

The committee recommended that some rooms at GSP-Corbin be reserved until late in the summer for students who may be waiting for scholarships or other financial aid.

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