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March 30, 1990


Shoppers won't be following the yellow brick road from the new Lawrence Riverfront Plaza to downtown, but they eventually will be able to negotiate red brick crosswalks throughout the city's downtown.

Mike Wildgen, acting city manager, said that the city plans to eventually reconstruct each of the crosswalks downtown on Massachusetts Street with brick, much like the crosswalks now in place near city hall at Sixth and Massachusetts.

The plans are part of the city's attempts to lure shoppers from the Riverfront Plaza to downtown stores, and vice versa, and to keep business busy in both areas.

"The brick is definitely a part of the linkage," Wildgen said. "It's just one way we can hook up the riverfront with the downtown."

THE LINK begins in the city's parking garage, which adjoins the Riverfront Plaza, where large areas of brick pavers have been installed. A brick sidewalk runs in front of the parking garage, continues in front of city hall and leads to the first brick crosswalk on Sixth Street.

That walk was installed in conjunction with street work completed this past fall. Another of the brick crosswalks was installed across Massachusetts at Sixth.

On Tuesday, the Lawrence City Commission approved a bid for street and parking work in the 1000 block of Massachusetts. Included in that bid were specifications for the construction of three brick crosswalks in the block.

WILDGEN said that in coming years additional blocks of Massachusetts Street will undergo street work and brick crosswalks in those blocks will be installed at the same time.

"In the next few years, they all will need updating, and when we do it we'll do it with brick pavers in the crosswalks," Wildgen said.

George Williams, public works director, put a pricetag of $10,300 on the three brick crosswalks being constructed in conjunction with the project in the 1000 block of Massachusetts.

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