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March 6, 1990


About 200 students are expected to attend summer school at Haskell Indian Junior College this year, the first time a summer session has been offered at the federally operated two-year college since the early 1980s.

But any plans to continue the summer program in 1991 are threatened by a $394,000 budget cut proposed by Congress.

However, Bob Martin, president of Haskell, said Monday that he was confident Congress would restore the money.

The college's budget for the 1990 fiscal year is $7,924,900. If the cut for 1991 is made, Haskell's budget will drop to $7,530,000.

"With our budget this year, we will be able to have summer school and some program development, especially in our natural resources program," Martin said. "But the $394,000 cut won't allow us to have summer school next year."

MARTIN said that recent visits by U.S. Secretary of Education Lauro F. Cavazos, Rep. Jim Slattery, and Sen. Nancy Landon Kassebaum have given Haskell some extra pull in budget negotiations.

The contacts may mean a new residence hall for Haskell, Martin said. About 300 dorm spaces are needed, he said.

"We've had to turn away some students because we don't have room for them," Martin said. "We really need two dorms one with 150 spaces for males and one with 150 spaces for females."

Several halls at Haskell are now in the process of being renovated, he said.

"Congressman Slattery has been very helpful in getting us additional funding," Martin said. "We had some safety problems, and he was helpful about getting the problems taken care of. We've had several opportunities to let Congress know about Haskell's needs. That's very important."

JIM OBERMAIER, acting press secretary in Slattery's office, said the congressman would try to restore the $394,000 cut and more.

Slattery plans to testify before the House Appropriations Subcommittee sometime in April to "lay the groundwork for Haskell," Obermaier said.

He said that Slattery's agenda for Haskell includes a 4.1 percent inflationary allowance; additional funding for safety projects; funding for summer school; funding new dorms or additions to existing dorms; and continued funding for natural resource projects.

"Representative Slattery will try to talk to Senator Dole and Senator Kassebaum to get them on board so that we can make sure that we don't have what happened last year happen," Obermaier said.

Last year during Haskell's appropriation, the House approved the budget but the Senate did not. The matter was referred to a conference committee.

"We don't want that to happen this time around," Obermaier said.

Members of the Haskell Board of Regents also are expected to testify in the congressional budget hearings.

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