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June 22, 1990


Two Kansas University administrators will be trading jobs in a manner of speaking on July 1.

Jackie McClain, who's now serving as director of personnel services at the KU Medical Center, Kansas City, Kan., will head the newly created Department of Human Resources on the Lawrence campus, formerly called Personnel Services. David Lewin, currently director of that office, will transfer to the Personnel Services at KUMC.

Why the change? McClain said services on the Lawrence campus will be reorganized and expanded. For one, the new department will incorporate the staff benefits office.

McClain, who's commuted from Lawrence to KUMC for seven years, said she is looking forward to the new job.

"I've been commuting for a long time," she said today. "I have three children under 10, and I want to spend more time with my kids. At the same time, my boss, Dick Mann, thought that I had been able to accomplish some things at the medical center.

"WHEN I came to the medical center, benefits and personnel records weren't a part of the office. We pulled a lot of things together and really expanded the amount of service available to employees and departments. I hope to do the same thing in Lawrence."

Richard Mann, director of information resources, said changes in the Lawrence office have been planned for about a year.

"There's a number of factors involved," Mann said. "We're changing the nature and scope of the office here by adding the benefits office. We needed someone with broader leadership and experience."

He said Lewin, who will be assistant director of personnel services at the medical center, had a couple of options. Because he wanted to stay in the same line of management, he agreed to transfer to KUMC, Mann said.

PERSONNEL services at KUMC is a bigger operation, he said.

"The director needs to have some hospital experience, and David didn't have that," Mann said. "We're still trying to recruit a director at the medical center."

Lewin said he would start in Kansas City in about a week.

But McClain still will have some contact at KUMC, Mann said. She will handle the first round of contract negotiations with the newly formed KU Nurses Assn. After a yearlong campaign, the association won the right to act as the collective bargaining unit for 620 nurses at the Medical Center.

McClain said that her position on the Lawrence campus would bring new challenges.

"You can't just move from here over there and assume what worked here will work there," McClain said. "I'm interested in finding out what things employees on the campus feel that are not being done that should be done by personnel."

ONE SERVICE that McClain hopes to offer is a child care referral program for KU employees.

"That's something completely new for the organization," McClain said. "I think it's a very important aspect of what we want to do. We'll serve as a clearinghouse for those employees who need child care. The focus of our effort will be on being able to put employees in touch with the people in the community.

"I'm really interested in determing what kinds of issues people want to see addressed."

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