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June 22, 1990


Editor, Journal-World:

Is Terry Edmondson a master of irony or what?

He begins his letter in Sunday's (June 16) Journal-World ``by expressing my thanks at having an outlet for airing my anger toward those who believe that burning the American flag is an exercise of their constitutional rights.''

But we would deny an outlet to those wanting to air their anger over what they believe are injustices cynically perpetrated by the nation's government in the name of freedom.

And who's to say they are not right?

His closing sentence is a rhetorical stroke of genius, so far above me that I am only beginning to trace its serpentine, ``Don't Tread on Me'' logic. He has already established his reverement of soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that he mhght speak his piece. Now that same freedom they fought for is challenged by people like himself. To those who would offend his sensibilities in order to protest the erosion of our personal liberties, Terry has only one thing to say:

This is America, land of the free. Get the hell out.

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