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June 12, 1990


Dear Editor:

Residents have busily prepared to welcome visitors to Lecompton, the territorial capital of Kansas and the site of the 1885 David Eisenhower-Ida Stover wedding. As David Eisenhower stated when he attended the dedication of Lane University Museum, "I would not be standing here if it were not for Lecompton, the meeting place and marriage of my great-grandparents at Lane Unviersity in Lecompton," and needless to say, the state of Kansas would not now be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Lecompton represents the true Eisenhower spirit by the efforts of so many local volunteers who have initiated and helped with so many worthwhile projects in our community, which include:

Donation, painting and planting of 100 flower barrels.

Helping to sew 12 "Welcome to Lecompton" banners.

Installation of "Scenic River Road" signs.

Initiating the renovation of Lecompton Roadside Park on Highway 40,

Promoting the designation of County Road 1029 as Eisenhower Memorial Drive.

Hand-carved bald eagle installed on the city hall.

A "Welcome to Historic Lecompton" sign in midtown Lecompton.

Sewing wedding apparel and hosting a reception for the re-enactment of the Eisenhower wedding on June 23.

Writing and acting in an Eisenhower two-act play.

Sponsoring a ball tournament to support community activities.

Building a new horseshoe pitching facility.

A special Eisenhower cancellation stamp, available June 23.

As you can see, Lecompton represents volunteerism at its best.

The historical events we celebrate on Territorial Day symbolize Lecompton as one of the most historic towns in Kansas and America.

Paul Bahnmaier,

Rt. 1, Lecompton.

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