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June 7, 1990


Development of Douglas County's wheat crop is slightly ahead of schedule, which should allow farmers to begin test-cutting their crops within two weeks, an agriculture official said.

Weather permitting, the harvest should be completed by the end of June, said Jack Lindquist, Douglas County agriculture extension agent.

Lindquist estimated this morning that about 15 percent of the county wheat crop has begun to turn yellow, signaling it won't be long before harvest is here.

Lindquist said the crops have had favorable weather that has caused the wheat plants to develop quickly. He said the 1990 wheat crop is about one week ahead of the normal county wheat schedule.

He estimated harvest will be in full swing in about two weeks.

The wheat crop could become ready for harvest almost immediately if the weather turned dry and hot, he said. However, local forecasts call for continued rain, which he said was not as helpful in preparing the crops for harvest.

The dry weather also would allow farmers to get into their fields, he said. Many county farmers have not been in their fields for nearly a month because of rains.

Other than the need for dry weather, Lindquist said the wheat crops were looking very good, adding that he expected above-average yields this year.

He said some crops contracted disease and were attacked by insects, but farmers were able to rescue the plants.

Wheat prices have begun falling recently because of the predicted high yields, but Lindquist said he hoped expanding international export talks currently going on between the United States and other countries will create enough of a demand to help stabilize prices. Higher yields also could make up for lower prices, he said.

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