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June 2, 1990


Preliminary census figures for Lawrence and Douglas County will be available by late July or early August, according to officials.

Bob Hamilton, director of the U.S. Census Bureau's regional office in Topeka, and Dave Guntert of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Office said initial population figures would be given to the planning office as part of a post-census local review.

"They wouldn't be the final numbers, but they would be a pretty fair representation, I suspect," Guntert said.

Guntert said the figures would be made public when they are received by the city.

As part of the post-census review, the census bureau releases preliminary information to give the city a chance to review the figures and dispute suspected inaccuracies.

"IF THERE'S a significant discrepancy, the local government can ask us to go back and re-count a particular area with our field personnel," Hamilton said.

"It's similar to what we did prior to the census we had a pre-census operation in an effort to get some local input and now we will have a post-census operation to get some input from the local government," Hamilton said.

He said the census bureau currently is tabulating census figures and dividing them according to various political boundaries.

Hamilton also said an enumerator count of Douglas County residents who did not mail in their census forms "has gone real well."

"At this point, there are relatively few people who have not been counted in your area," he said.

HOWEVER, Hamilton declined to estimate the percentage of the local population that may not have been counted.

"We just feel very confident that almost everyone in my area has been counted," Hamilton said. His area includes 26 Kansas counties.

About 40 census bureau enumerators have been telephoning and traversing door-to-door during the past month in an attempt to contact Lawrence residents who did not fill out census forms.

Tim VanNatta, one of four crew leaders supervising enumerators in Lawrence, said 10 enumerators working under him have received census forms from almost every household on the enumerators' lists.

VanNatta would not say how many people have filled out census forms in his area.

A second enumerator count will be held in late June or early July, and will be conducted in about three weeks using about one-third of the enumerators used in the first count, Hamilton said.

The preliminary figures will be released to the city when the second enumerator count is completed, he said.

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