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July 31, 1990


Douglas County Clerk Patty Jaimes wants to remind registered voters in Lawrence that next Tuesday's primary election isn't just for voters who have declared themselves Republicans and Democrats. Any registered voter, even those who aren't affiliated with a party, can vote.

That's because the proposal to raise the city sales tax by percent is a special question open for balloting by all registered voters in Lawrence.

"Any registered voter, whether affiliated or not, may vote on propositions," Mrs. Jaimes said today.

She said that her office continues to get reports of independent or unaffiliated registered voters who incorrectly believe that they cannot vote on the sales tax question because Tuesday's balloting is a primary election.

Those people who are registered with one of the major political parties will receive ballots with primary races in addition to a ballot with the sales tax question; unaffiliated voters will receive ballots only on the sales tax question.

Mrs. Jaimes added that the sales tax balloting is open only to registered voters residing within the city limits.

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