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July 22, 1990


Although the Clinton Marina looks to be better shape than it did the days immediately after a damaging mid-June wind storm, some structure damage remains.

Amy Waibel, manager of the marina, said a major problem now is getting needed parts to repair the damage.

Waibel said because other marinas across the country were damaged in recent storms, some replacement parts are hard to come by. She said Hurricane Hugo, which hit South Carolina and Puerto Rico last year, has even had an impact on the availability of marina parts.

Waibel said insurance will cover most of the marina repairs. But she said pieces of the dock, some fabricated steel pins, about 10 boat slips, parts of the marina roof and even part of the bridge that goes from the shore to the marina still require repair.

"It'll be probably October or November before we actually complete everything," she said. "Things are looking better, but we've still got some structural things."

The four boats that sank after being flipped in the high winds have all been raised, Waibel said. And she said the marina itself, which was moved off its moorings, has been moved back into place.

She added, however, that officials plan to add even more reinforcement so another strong wind won't move the marina off it's moorings.

The first few weeks after the storm, Waibel said volunteers came out in droves to help make repairs. And even now, she said, "tons of people are offering assistance."

But she said repair work has reached the point where there is not that much work to be done by volunteers.

"So a lot of the volunteers are back enjoying their boating," she said. "And that's what they should be doing."

Waibel was there the night of the storm, and rode out winds that she estimates reached 80 mph.

"I've never seen anything like it," she said.

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