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July 22, 1990


A raccoon that was down in the dumpster Saturday is bound for freedom today.

The raccoon was trapped in a city dumpster for several hours and eventually rescued by an animal care volunteer, who took the animal at the request of some concerned apartment residents who live nearby.

The raccoon had been trapped in the dumpster at University Terrace Apartments, 502 Country Club Ter.

Kendall Lee, an animal caretaker volunteer at the Kansas University WILDCARE program, using thick gloves and a towel, put the racoon in a "pet taxi" for transportation and observation at the animal facility.

"This happens all of the time," Lee said. "Usually we just stick a (wood) plank down into the dumpster for a day and the animal will crawl out."

He said the raccoon's health would be checked and it probably would be released today at a WILDCARE animal release site.

Jeffrey Ritz, Lyzz Navarre, and Mary Gray, apartment residents who waited near the dumpster about an hour for a volunteer to pick up the raccoon, said they were relieved that the animal would be placed in good hands.

"We called everybody, and the KU people were the only ones that seemed concerned about this," Ritz said.

"Nobody else would come and get the animal."

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