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July 22, 1990


It looks as if Lawrence won't be the only school district in Douglas County to ask voters in November to approve a bond issue to build a new high school.

When voters in Eudora go to the polls, however, they won't really have much choice. They won't be asked to replace a high school building. By the time November rolls around, there probably will be no Eudora High school. The building, which has been declared a safety hazard, is schedule to have been razed and replaced with temporary classrooms which will remain in place for at least three years while a new school is being approved, planned and built.

The Eudora school board decided Wednesday night to go ahead with plans to seek approval for bonds to finance construction of a new high school just south of Kansas Highway 10. The district bought land in that area several years ago but had not put it to use.

During a meeting Monday night, Eudora district patrons expressed some dismay that the Eudora school building had been allowed to deteriorate to such a point. One former school board member, however, pointed out that the district had proposed a bond issue to build a new school ten years ago, but the voters turned it down.

It's hard to tell if there are any lessons Lawrence voters can learn from the Eudora situation. Certainly the condition of Lawrence High School is nowhere near as bad as the Eudora building. But Eudora's current dilemma does point out the need to look ahead and plan for the future. What Lawrence voters will have to decide in November is whether building a second local high school is a matter of looking too far into the future or simply a case of good, prudent planning.

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