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July 22, 1990


An inspection team from the Douglas County appraiser's office will be in downtown Lawrence this week gathering on-site information at businesses for the purpose of setting property values for next year's taxes.

Information gathered by a seven-member appraisal team will be used in setting fair market property values, which will be used for taxes billed in November, 1991.

The reinspection is required by state law. Under the state classification amendment passed by Kansas voters in 1985, appraisers must reinspect one-fourth of all property in each Kansas county every year.

Douglas County Appraiser Don Gordon said the property being inspected was last looked at during property reappraisal in late 1987 or early 1988.

REINSPECTION in Douglas County will begin in downtown Lawrence.

August Dettbarn, deputy appraiser, said an appraisal team will begin working the downtown business core from Sixth Street to 11th Street between Vermont and New Hampshire. In addition, commercial pockets along Ninth Street between Maine Street on the west and the railroad tracks in East Lawrence on the east will be inspected.

Dettbarn said the appraisers will measure two sides of each property to make sure records do not contain errors concerning the size of buildings.

He said inspectors also will check other characteristics used in setting property value such as square footage, the age of the structure, location factors and physical condition, Dettbarn said.

"We'll look at the type of basement and usability of the second floor," he said.

BOTH DETTBARN and Gordon said they decided to begin the reinspection process downtown because they want to determine the effect of the new Lawrence Riverfront Plaza on downtown property values.

Dettbarn said he thinks this effect may be a "wash," with property values of businesses nearer the plaza likely going up because rental values could increase with the increased number of people but downtown businesses futher away from the plaza could fall because they are too far away to be influenced by that traffic.

Dettbarn said the appraisal team will do an inspection of the Lawrence Riverfront Plaza itself, but he pointed out that the building is tax-exempt for another nine years because it was granted a 10-year tax exemption by the city.

THE 25 PERCENT reinspection process also will take place in Eudora in 1990, but Gordon said this will not be done until later in the year. Dettbarn said inspectors will check the city of Eudora and an area four to five miles around the city.

In a press release, Gordon said members of the appraisal staff conducting the inspections will be carrying identification badges with their photograph. And he said their employment can be verified by calling 841-7700, extension 133.

"Property owners or tenants cooperation will be greatly appreciated," he said.

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