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July 10, 1990


The architect working on federally mandated changes in plans for 25 scattered-site housing units in Lawrence hopes the government will take into account the increased costs the changes will bring.

Michael Treanor, of Michael Treanor Architects, Lawrence, also said the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development should recognize the effect that delays have on the cost of a project.

The scattered site housing, to be built on nine lots in Lawrence, is currently budgeted to cost about $1.2 million. The majority of the new housing is planned in North Lawrence, although two projects are slated for the Riverside area of northwest Lawrence and another is planned for south Lawrence.

"INFLATION is 4 percent a year, and if the program takes a year to do, that's $50,000 to $60,000," Treanor said.

Treanor said the design changes asked for by HUD are minor. But nonetheless, he said the changes could add a considerable amount to the cost.

"They say they'd like to add screen doors on the front and the back, and we say we would too," Treanor said. "But there is a cost factor."

Another example of changes called for involves the type of shelving for the kitchens. Treanor's original plan called for metal shelving, but HUD proposed using wood because it lasts longer.

"It's not a big item, but (cost) does get up there," Treanor said.

TREANOR, who was the architect for constuction of 23 scattered-site housing units built in Lawrence in 1987, said HUD officials have shown more understanding recently about the effect inflation and design changes have on a project. He also said he continually reminds agency officials of added cost.

Barbara Huppee, executive director of the Lawrence Housing Authority, originally hoped to go out for bid on the project this spring. But delays in completion of a review by HUD's regional office in Kansas City pushed that date back.

Huppee and Treanor both said they now hope to get approval from HUD to put the project out for bid within a week or two.

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