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January 13, 1990


Roy Williams wants to clarify reports Kansas University's basketball players will wear black patches on their uniforms for the rest of the season.

The patches would have been worn as a gesture of concern for Raytown South senior Chris Lindley, the KU signee who had his right foot amputated last Sunday after a train accident.

"We will not wear black patches, nobody ever said that," KU's coach stated Friday.

He's received several letters, he said, questioning the use of black patches.

"We are thinking about putting his number somewhere, on our shoes, jerseys or wristband. One letter lectured me saying black symbolizes death. We never intended to do that.

"The seniors were talking about putting his number on the uniform. We plan to do that if it's legal with the NCAA. We might end up putting it in crayon on the back of our shoes. It's just an unbelievable tragedy that happened to that young man."

Williams visited Lindley again on Thursday night.

"He was going to be operated on again today," Williams said. "He was to have a skin graft (on left foot). He's doing real well, which again says a lot about the youngster."

There's still no word about the academic status of forward Alonzo Jamison. "Not yet," Williams said. "We're just trying to get ready for Oklahoma State." The Pokes and Jayhawks were to meet at 3:10 p.m. today at Allen Fieldhouse.

Williams says he's received some negative mail about his comments involving the KU-Wichita State basketball series.

"Today I got a nice one," said Williams sarcastically. "It said how dare me being an outsider saying things about how people should feel about the KU-Wichita State series."

Williams has said he believes some people place too much importance on the game.

Williams doesn't like the fact the NCAA recently voted to trim 15 practice days and three games of Division I basketball schedules, while not addressing the schedules of non-revenue sports and football.

"It bothers me that basketball is the only evil in college athletics," said Williams. "We lose 15 days of practice and three games and football loses five days of spring practice. Golf, tennis, women's softball, baseball were not addressed. The reasons the presidents didn't mention that is it wouldn't get the attention.

"Here there is concern about dollars, dollars, dollars and we cut games that produce revenue. There might be more pressure on the old coach and the old team to produce victories to get in the (NCAA) tournament. There might be more incentive for some to do things the wrong way to get into the tournament and a piece of that (financial) pie.

"We missed two days of practice all last year," said Williams. "We went to SMU last year and got back at 1:30, got up and checked class to make sure everybody was there. That can be done.

"Last year at the Big Eight tournament, we played Friday night. We were in class Friday morning. It upsets me that 10 other sports miss a lot more class than we do.

"It did serve a purpose, it got a lot of attention," he said of the new rule that begins in 1992, unless its altered. "People said, `Boys those guys are really trying to do the job.' If it's symbolic of cuts in other areas, I'm not against it, but dadgum I don't like basketball being the only evil."

Are the Jayhawks having fun? "You need to watch our TV show," Williams said of this week's show. "There's a little rap thing. We'll probably get 27 letters from grandmothers. But you have to let 'em be kids, too."

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