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January 13, 1990


Dear Editor:

Today thousands of families are mourning the loss of a loved one, often the bread-earner in the prime of life, because of one, or a combination of all three of the following:

1. Liquor, of which beer is one form.

2. Ignoring posted speed limits.

3. Wee hours of the morning driving.

Ben Franklin's "Early to bed and early to rise" advice may be considered by many to be old-hat, but he lived to be 84, a ripe old age in those days.

We eventually learned that cigarette smoking kills, and thousands kicked the habit. How long will it take us to admit that liquor does too, and put it, in all its forms, on the no-no list.

Thomas C. Ryther,

1429 Kasold.

Lawrence, Kan., 66049


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