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January 9, 1990


The story of Chris Lindley is a tragedy he will hopefully be able to overcome.

Lindley, a promising Raytown South High School basketball player who had signed a letter of intent to play at Kansas University, lost his right foot and injured his left foot when he slipped and fell under a train Saturday night. He was playing a dangerous and foolish game that involved jumping onto moving railroad cars.

His basketball career is over, but reports are that Lindley is the kind of young man who will recover and develop his other skills, interests and talents. KU officials were quick to make it clear they still wanted Lindley as a student by offering him a general scholarship to replace the basketball scholarship he won't be able to use. Perhaps the scholarship will be the boost Lindley needs to find new dreams and a new career.

Despite the senseless accident that claimed his foot, Lindley can have a bright future ahead of him. Congratulations to KU for making sure he knows he still can be an important part of the KU student body.

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