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January 9, 1990


All vending machines at Kansas University were secured to a wall or floor by Dec. 22, Robert Derby, KU concessions manager, said today.

The project, which cost about $4,000, bolted KU's 191 vending machines in an attempt to increase safety and decrease vandalism, Derby said. The vending machines were in 68 different locations.

Derby said the safety project was implemented in reponse to the May 7, 1989, death of a 23-year-old KU student, who rocked a pop machine until it fell on top of him.

Derby said that incident last spring was the first time such an accident occurred at the university. But vandalism always has been a problem.

"Vending machines are mechanical," Derby said. "You expect a certain amount of malfunctions. I personally have felt the frustration when you put money into a vending machine and don't get what you want or get your change. But I also don't kick or beat the machine."

He said he thought vandalism would decrease because of the safety measures.

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