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February 27, 1990


Editor, Journal-World:

In relation to your article Feb. 22, I would like to commend Rep. Branson for her introduction of a resolution to the legislature asking the U.S. Congress to take action to provide affordable health insurance for all citizens. Our county includes 16 percent of all Kansans who do not have insurance and many more who are under-insured. Health Care Access, Inc. was started by concerned citizens and community leaders who saw that many of our families were going without health care because of lack of money. We provide a medical clinic two days a week staffed by volunteer physicians and nurses. Dentists volunteer their services for those with acute dental problems and local pharmacies assist us with our medication needs. The hospital donates necessary labs and X-rays, and local social service agencies provide staff for the referral process. We serve low-income individuals of all ages. Many of our patients work, but they work several part-time jobs or their full-time employer does not or cannot offer insurance at an affordable rate. I see our organization as a Band-aid on a large wound that will continue to grow larger unless something, such as national health insurance or a national health care plan, is implemented. Something must be done to help our families who are in greatest need, both locally and nationally. I thank Rep. Branson in attempting to meet that need.

Betty Smith-Campbell R.N.,

Pres., Health Care Access.

Box 531.

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