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February 23, 1990


Charles Stansifer, a Latin American specialist at Kansas University, will observe Sunday's elections in Nicaragua.

Stansifer, a Kansas University history professor who currently is on leave, is an observer for the Latin American Studies Assn., an independent academic organizatin. Also, Rep. Jim Slattery, D-Kan., is an official congressional observer of the Nicaraguan elections, which are pitting the power of the ruling Sandinista government against a coalition of parties called the National Opposition Union.

A spokesperson in the Latin American Studies department said today that Stansifer, who has observed elections in past years, would be in Nicaragua until Wednesday. Stansifer, former director of KU's Center for Latin American Studies, will return to KU in the fall to teach in the history department.

KU has other connections with Sunday's voting in Nicaragua. Mariano Fiallos, a former visiting professor at KU, is president of Nicaragua's Supreme Electoral Council. Fiallos was the Rose Morgan professor of political science at KU in spring 1985 and received a Ph.D. in political science from KU in 1968.

Also Ivan Aguilar, a candidate for the city council in Leon, received an undergraduate degree in personnel administration from KU in 1984.

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