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December 12, 1990


A Wichita woman who was injured in an accident near 15th Street and Wakarusa Drive in April 1989 has filed a lawsuit against the city of Lawrence alleging city firefighters were negligent in parking a fire truck in a no-parking zone.

The lawsuit, filed in Douglas County District Court on behalf of Collette R. Manzanares, 24, seeks in excess of $50,000 damages.

According to the suit, Manzanares was driving behind a recreational vehicle on Wakarusa Druve hear 15th Street when the vehicle ahead of her swerved suddenly to avoid colliding with a fire truck that was parked on the east side of Wakarusa Drive. Manzanares said that because her view had been obstructed by the vehicle ahead of her, she was unable to avoid colliding with the fire truck.

The suit alleges that the fire truck did not display any flashers or warning devices.

Manzanares alleges she suffered severe physical and emotional pain, and has lost wages and future earning capacity.

She is seeking in excess of $50,000 for past, present, and future physical and emotional pain and medical expenses, and permanant physical injury and disability caused by injuries she suffered in the accident.

Firefighters were conducting a training exercise in an abandoned house on the east side of the street when the accident occurred.

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