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December 5, 1990


Everyone's budgets seem to get a little tighter this time of year.

For many of us, the Christmas holidays mean extra spending for parties and presents. But for many others, Christmas is just another season during which they can't even afford enough to eat.

Lawrence and Douglas County often show their generosity through donations of time and money to worthy projects and charities. Just last week, United Way of Douglas County completed a fund drive in which collections went well above the goal set for the campaign. Last weekend, contributions to the Toys for Tots program exceeded all previous efforts.

During the holidays, local residents again will be asked to help those less fortunate. As of Friday, the city's Holiday Bureau had received 620 requests for assistance from low-income families and individuals. Only 184 of those applicants have been adopted.

It's early yet, but it's not to early to make plans to help someone else this holiday season. There are many worthy agencies around town. Toys for Tots is a special holiday effort that brings joy to many of the area's children. Warm Hearts will help people pay their heating bills throughout the winter. Local agencies give those of us who have something to spare plenty of opportunities to share some of that good fortune.

At the holidays, many of us look forward to gathering with our families and enjoying the warm, secure lives we lead. One of the best ways to make sure you have that warm feeling this holiday season is to share some of it with people less fortunate.

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