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August 20, 1990


The 3,440 faculty and staff members at Kansas University who purchase health insurance through the state will be seeing their premiums increase an average 8.74 percent during 1991.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas announced Friday it would continue to provide indemnity coverage for state employees. The 8.74 percent increase next year will apply to both current employees and retirees.

More than 66 percent of employees who have state health coverage participate in the Blue Cross plan.

Current full-time employees probably will see a 4 percent or less increase next year, said Lucy Truell, a public information officer with the state.

Truell said the increase will affect full-time employees who have coverage for dependents. She said it will not affect employees who have only individual coverage.

According to a news release from Gov. Mike Hayden's office, a full-time employee who has either employee and spouse or employee and family coverage will see less than a $7 monthly increase in premiums. A full-time employee with employee and children coverage will see less than a $3 increase per month.

The amount of increase will depend on what type of coverage an employee has, Truell said.

Part-time state employees who work at least 1,000 hours a year and meet certain requirements may also be eligible to purchase the state health insurance plan. They also will be affected by the increase.

Employees who elect to purchase HMO coverage will see significant premium increases next year.

The average increase in premiums for HMO dependent coverage will be between 3 and 47 percent. The largest increases will be in HMOs in the Kansas City area, including Kaiser Health Plan, Med Plan and Prime Health. There are four different HMOs available to KU employees, including the three above.

Employees covered under those HMO plans will see monthly increases of $17.21 to $30.59 for employee and spouse and employee and family. Employee and children coverage increases will range from $17.24 to $30.41 per month.

HMO Kansas dependent coverage will increase less, an average of 7 to 10 percent. Employee and spouse and employee and family coverage will increase $17.73 or less a month; employee and children coverage will increase $16.98.

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