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August 19, 1990


— The Perry Fall Festival featured a full day of activities and attractions Saturday for both children and adults but it wasn't exactly good, clean fun.

The Perry-Lecompton High School's newly formed booster club held a mud volleyball competition, which drew large crowds of spectators throughout the morning and afternoon. Seven teams participated in the ankle deep mud, vying for the $100 first prize.

Rebecca Ice, Lecompton, joined teammates for a dip in Perry Lake between rounds.

"We're going to jump in the lake to get cleaned up so we can come back and jump in the mud again," she said.

Brian Hoffman, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, said his team placed second at Lecompton's Territorial Days festival, so they decided to get together for another romp in the mud.

"It's fun," he said while hosing mud off his legs. "Plus, how often do you get to come out and make fun of everyone because of how they look?"

ANOTHER Ninja Turtle, Steph Hughes, said it took about three days to get all the mud out of her ears the last time they played.

The first prize eventually was won by a team called the Vansickles, which was organized by Kim Vansickle of Perry and included Mrs. Vansickle, members of her family and some friends.

The Ninja Turtles took second place in the competition and a team sponsored by Hamm Asphalt Inc. placed third.

The third annual fall festival kicked off Friday evening with a children's parade, clown show, ice cream social, cakewalk, bingo and a teen dance.

Joyce Harding, a festival organizer, said 30 arts and crafts booths exhibited and about 25 floats showed up for Saturday's parade. "The parade is a pretty good success," she said.

STATE REP. Joann Flower, Oskaloosa, took part in the parade, waving to the crowd from the bed of a pickup truck.

"It's a chance to be with the people," she said before the parade got underway. "A lot of people will come out and talk with me if I'm sitting drinking lemonade who won't call or write. It's a way to keep in touch."

Flower was flanked by four young girls, who threw bubble gum to children along the parade route.

Following the parade, a three-legged race, children's games, and a rock 'n' roll dance contest were scheduled. Other events planned for Saturday night included a cow chip-throwing contest, freestyle bicycle show, watermelon seed-spitting contest and an adult dance.

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