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August 19, 1990


Although President Bush has announced that reservists will be called to active duty to help with the current crisis in the Middle East, Kansas reserve units have received no official word that they will be involved.

Cindy Weaver, public affairs officer for 89th U.S. Army Reserve Command in Wichita, said Saturday that the command did not have any word from the Pentagon about activating units in Kansas or Nebraska.

The 89th takes in all reserve units in the two states, including an Army Reserve detachment in Lawrence.

In Lawrence, Kansas University Chancellor Gene Budig, a Major General in the Air National Guard, said he also had received no word from Washington about his status.

"I have not been contacted about active duty," Budig said Saturday evening. "Like any member of the National Guard, I am prepared to serve."

WEAVER SAID Kansas and Nebraska have more than 110 reserve units in 41 cities, and a total of about 6,000 reservists.

The command will not release figures on the strength of individual units, but Weaver said the units range in size from a three-person military history detachment to a field hospital unit with more than 350 assigned personnel.

The Pentagon is identifying various needs and until a decision is make on what type of units are needed, the 89th won't know about any units being called to active duty, she said.

Bush reportedly has decided to use reservists to fill in the ranks of military doctors, cargo handlers and other specialists. But White House officials said they are still weighing how many reservists are need to deal with the Persian Gulf crisis.

LAST WEEK, up to 2,000 regular army personnel from Fort Riley reportedly were being sent to the Mideast, but this has not yet been confirm by the Pentagon.

Manhattan radio station KMAN reported that 1,500 to 2,000 troops from Fort Riley, including personnel from the 12th Chemical Company, the 977th Military Police and the 541st Maintenance Battalion, were being sent to the Mideast.

Earlier this month, 500 members of the Kansas Air National Guard's 190th Air Refueling Group were called to active duty by Kansas Gov. Mike Hayden at the request of the Defense Department.

Planes from the unit took off at Aug. 10 from Topeka's Forbes Field, reportedly to support the buildup of American forces in the Persian Gulf.

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