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August 13, 1990


Through an exchange program, Kansas University's Slavic library receives more than 3,000 books yearly from the Soviet Union.

In return, KU sends about 300 books and 130 journals and periodicals each year to Soviet library exchange partners.

Bradley Schaffner, KU Slavic library bibliographer, recently returned from meeting with library exchange partners in Moscow and Leningrad.

"The exchange program is the best way for KU to obtain Soviet books and publications, as many books published in the Soviet Union are not available in the U.S.," he said.

Schaffner said the Soviets recently have been interested in books about AIDS and computers and American books about Soviet history. Ninety percent of the Soviet requests are for journals and academic books, but occasionally Schaffner receives "bizarre requests," for literature about such people as Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Leningrad University Library, the Academic of Sciences in Leningrad, the Lenin Library, the State Historical Library and Moscow State Library in Moscow are among the 160 Soviet and East European libraries that are KU library exchange partners. The exchange was established in the 1950s and was further developed in the 1960s.

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