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August 10, 1990


The central committees of both the Republican and Democratic parties in Douglas County will be holding reorganization meetings to pick officers for the next two years.

The Republican Central Committee is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m., Aug. 20 at the Lawrence Public Library, said Chris Miller, committee chairman.

The Democratic Central Committee will meet on 7:30 p.m., Aug. 21, in the auditorium at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, said Louise Silber, committee vice chairman.

In the reorganization meetings, committeemen and committeewomen selected in the primary election Tuesday will vote on a chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer to serve for the next two years.

FOLLOWING is a list of people who were elected during Tuesday's primary to fill spots as Democratic committmen and committeewomen, with the ward and precinct they represent.

Precinct 2, Ward 1, Steve Lopes; Precinct 3, Ward 1, John Naughtin, Iris Heckman; Precinct 3, Ward 2, Ben Zimmerman; Precinct 5, Ward 2, Garth Burns, Debbie Burns; Precinct 7, Ward 2, Donald G. Strole, Deborah K. Sampson; Precinct 9, Ward 2, David Berkowitz, Louise Silber; Precinct 14, Ward 2, Donald A. Low, Diane C. Low; Precinct 2, Ward 3, Paul Stuewe, Betty Soppelsa; Precinct 7, Ward 3, Kathy Mulinazzi, Precinct 1, Ward 5, Barry M. Shalinsky; Ward 6, Helen L. Shepard; Clinton, Alvin Schild, Joyce Schild; North Baldwin, Dorothy Foreman; East Wakarusa, Elsie Hunsinger; West Wakarusa, I.J. Stoneback, Mabel Stoneback.

FOLLOWING is a list of Republican committeemen and committeewomen elected during the primary, with the precinct and ward they represent.

Precinct 1, Ward 1, John T. Weatherwax, LaVerta Riling; Precinct 2, Ward 1, Daniel E. Thoennes, Betty B. Thoennes; Precinct 3, Ward 1, Sharon J. Rose; Precinct 5, Ward 1, Melvin Dean Burkhead, Joann Wiley; Precinct 1, Ward 2, James C. Dunn, Nancy R. Dunn; Precinct 3, Ward 2, James V. Owens, B.J. Allen; Precinct 6, Ward 2, John V. Watkins, Melissa A. Watkins; Precinct 7, Ward 2, Theodore F. Walker, Emily Taylor; Precinct 8, Ward 2, Richard Lynch; Precinct 10, Ward 2, Jackson Armbrister, Marla G. Schnistock; Precinct 12, Ward 2, Patrick O. Moriarty, Carolyn Moriarty; Precinct 14, Ward 2, David Whalen, Janet Whalen; Precinct 2, Ward 3, Ann Golden; Precinct 3, Ward 3, Donald E. Fisher, Maxine I. Fisher; Precinct 4, Ward 3, Robert E. Einstein; Precinct 5, Ward 3, Ned Cushing, Betty Cushing; Precinct 6, Ward 3, Mary P. Lipman; Precinct 7, Ward 3, Ted Fay; Precinct 1, Ward 4, Albert W. Burgstahler, Bernice G. Todd; Precinct 4, Ward 4, Delbert Baxter, Mary Baxter; Precinct 5, Ward 4, Robert Bright, Darlene Bright; Precinct 1, Ward 5, Bernie Norwood, Leverne Norwood; Precinct 2, Ward 5, Mike Todd; Ward 6, Shirley North; Clinton, Roy R. Parker, Martha J. Parker; North Eudora, A.B. Pendleton, Cheryl A. Heschmeyer; South Eudora, Breck Marion, Grace Angel Marion; Central Eudora, Vincent G. Miller, Ruth Miller; Grant, Margaret Shirk; Lecompton, Paul M. Bahnmaier, Alice Clare Wright; Big Springs, Terry D. Tiede, Camelia A. Tiede; Marion, John P. Metsker, Betty-Lou Metsker; North Baldwin, Mildred P. Allen; South Baldwin, Dick Brown; Vinland, E. Marie Meyen, East Wakarusa, Genevieve M. Hunsinger; West Wakarusa, Ray Poteet, B. Imogene Poteet; Willow Springs, Gilbert Gilges, Hazel Gilges.

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