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April 29, 1990


The Lawrence school board will discuss Monday night a high school class schedule that could allow students to take a greater variety of courses.

Presently, Lawrence High School students have their school day divided into six periods. Students also may choose to attend school for an extra period in the morning during what is called "zero hour." That option usually is exercised by students who want to take more elective courses along with their required courses.

The schedule to be discussed would take that concept one step further by dividing the school day into seven periods for all students.

"It would increase the opportunities for kids as far as the number of courses they could take," said Brad Tate, LHS principal. "Recent increases in the number of required courses have decreased the number of electives they can take."

STARTING with the class of 1987-88, Tate said, students have had to take one more unit each in math, science and social studies over previous graduation requirements.

Tate said that under the proposal to be discussed, the class day wouldn't be extended to accommodate the extra period. Instead, the length of the classes would be shortened.

The school board will meet a 7:30 p.m. in the LHS library, 19th and Louisiana.

IN OTHER business Monday night, the board will:

Hear a report from Terese Gardner, Lawrence city engineer, on the effects of improvements at the intersection of 19th and Louisiana. This summer, the city will install traffic signals at the intersection and will add a left-turn lane to each of the intersection's four approaches.

Vote on the adoption of an algebra textbook prepared by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Program. One teacher in each of the secondary schools has used the textbook on a trial basis, and each of those teachers named it their textbook of choice. If the board adopts the textbook, approximately 750 textbooks would be purchased at the price of $38.90 each.

Vote on classified personnel considerations for the 1990-91 school year.

Vote on the purchase of $23,695 in new student furniture from Bowlus School Supply of Pittsburg. The purchase would fall under the $44,000 allocation the board approved in January for the upgrading of furniture.

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