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April 28, 1990


After being delayed by rainy weather, an investigation this morning resumed into the death of a person whose partially decomposed body was found Friday afternoon in the 800 block of East Eighth Street.

Lt. Mike Hall, head of the detective division, said authorities broke off the investigation about 4:15 p.m. Friday. By that time, he said, the body had been taken by ambulance to the Douglas County coroner's office.

Officials have not identified the victim, nor have they released the gender and approximate age.

Hall on Friday said he did not know when an autopsy would be conducted. Dr. Carol Moddrell referred all questions about the matter to Hall.

A news release states that authorities were notified about the body at 12:37 p.m. Friday.

Police found the body lying a short distance south of Eighth Street in a wooded, brushy area. Officials this morning confirmed that the body was found on Santa Fe Railway property.

Police were notified about the body by two Lawrence men, Robert Gonce and Sid Gonce Jr., who called officers from the Penny concrete plant at 800 E. Eighth.

In an interview near the scene, the Gonce brothers said they had been digging for worms in the area for about five minutes when they discovered the body. Robert Gonce, 19, and Sid Gonce, 26, said the body appeared to be that of a young female. They said the body was uncovered and appeared to be lying on its side.

The Gonce brothers said they saw no wounds that appeared to be inflicted by a weapon. However, they said, they did not study the body.

"When we saw it, we ran across the street and called," Sid Gonce said.

Police have not confirmed any of the information from the Gonce brothers.

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