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April 27, 1990


— The Wellsville City Council is looking for a place to plant 1,500 trees it has ordered through the state's forestry department.

The city is required to plant the trees as replacements for approximately the same number of trees removed last year to make room for a new city sewer lagoon.

The Environmental Protection Agency provided the city with about $34,000 in grant money to help pay for the new lagoon. The grant came with the stipulation that the city replace the trees removed for the lagoon. The total cost of the new lagoon was $616,000.

City Clerk Donna Reed said the council, during its regular monthly meeting Thursday evening, voted to buy five acres of land near the new lagoon, which is in the southwest corner of town. However, city officials will not say exactly where the land is located because the deal is still being negotiated with the landowners.

The new city lagoon went in operation in February.

The council has ordered several varieties of trees, including ash, plum, walnut and hackberry. Mrs. Reed did not know how much the trees will cost the city.

A local 4-H club has asked the city council to allow it to help plant the trees, which the council approved.

In another matter, the council approved Keith Churchill as a new city police patrolman. Churchill, who currently lives in Lawrence, replaces Norman Vissonnette, who recently quit to take a similar job in another community. Churchill began work today.

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