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April 27, 1990


Members of the Kansas Legislature are persistent in their procrastination.

With major issues still awaiting action in the wrap-up session, the Kansas House spent two hours Thursday debating and passing a resolution urging Congress to propose a Constitutional amendment to prevent desecration of the American flag. The resolution will now be sent to the Senate, giving that half of the Legislature an equal opportunity to delay action on more important items.

Regardless of how Kansans feel about the issue of flag desecration, there seems little doubt that the state Legislature has more pressing matters at hand. Congress may be very glad to hear what the Kansas Legislature has to say about the issue of flag burning, but Kansans probably are more interested in what the lawmakers will say about state business, issues like property taxes and school finance.

It seems amazing that amid threats of a special session, legislators would persist in spending large chunks of time on matters that aren't vital to state operations. It might be more of a tribute to both the Kansas and U.S. flags if legislators would turn their attention to fulfilling their democratic duty as elected officials.

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