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April 22, 1990


Avery Lominska says he has an environmental vantage point that most youngsters don't have.

"Since I live on a farm, I get to see what a clean environment looks like all the time, and I get to go out in it," he said Saturday.

But that doesn't mean he's keeping his environmental appreciation to himself. He puts into action the idea of today's Earth Day celebration that individuals can make a difference.

Avery, an 11-year-old fifth-grader at Cordley Elementary School, says his concern for the environment led him to start a environmental awareness group's chapter at his school.

"They already had it at Hillcrest (Elementary School) and so I wanted to start one at Cordley," he said.

THE GROUP, called Youth In Action, engages in recycling, tree planting and other environmental projects.

Avery, with the help of his parents, Joy and Bob Lominska, began organizing the Cordley chapter in September.

"We didn't get it going until January, but now they're involved in so many projects, that sometimes they get ahead of themselves," said Mrs. Lominska, who teaches second grade at Cordley.

About 15 students are in the club, which collects aluminum cans for money and has plans to make a recycling video, and to perform a puppet show for young school children.

The Lominskas, who live about 10 miles north of Lawrence in rural Jefferson County, produce their own fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, and honey during different times of the year.

"We're the ones who got Avery started," Mr. Lominska said.

"We try to do what we can around here to produce what we can, organically," he said.

Avery says that in addition to his involvment in YIA, he helps to clean up the area whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as when he picked up trash in a Downtown Lawrence alley while waiting for his mom to finish a music lesson.

"TODAY, I cleaned up the alley behind where I have violin lessons," he said. "There was a lot of trash. I'm sure there's some things that could have easily blown out of a dumpster, but a lot of it looked like someone just tossed it," Avery said.

Avery said being an evironmentalist is not difficult.

"If everyone just did a little bit, we could save a lot."

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