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April 20, 1990


Finney County health officials continued to be overwhelmed with requests for measles vaccines this week and put limits on who could receive shots because supplies are low.

Jeanne Shafer, county health nurse in Garden City, said demand for the measles vaccine continued to rise throughout the state.

``We're swamped,'' she said.

Health department vaccinations for Finney County residents are currently limited to school children who have come into direct contact with measles and received a shot before 15 months of age, members of a household with a case of measles, and people who have come into contact with measles who have not had the disease and have not been vaccinated.

One high school student in Garden City has a confirmed case of measles, said high school nurse Claudia Ward.

In Douglas County, Barbara Schnitker, director of nurses at the local health department, said the department currently does not have a vaccination supply problem.

However, Schnitker said the department only stocks an average month's supply of vaccinations.

"We had an increase of cases last year . . . and if that were to happen again this year, it would be a little hard to foresee what would happen," she said.

Schnitker said the local health department would have to order more vaccinations from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in Topeka if the number of measles cases significantly increases in the area.

Six suspected cases of measles have been reported in Douglas County.

None of the cases will be confirmed for about 1 weeks, when blood test results are in, Mrs. Schnitker said.

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