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April 8, 1990


Census forms from more than half of the residents in the Kansas region that includes Douglas County have been mailed back to the government, a census official said.

Bob Hamilton, district manager for the U.S. Census Bureau in Topeka, said about 55 percent of the census forms, which started hitting the mail in late March, have been filled out and mailed back to the bureau.

Hamilton's district covers 26 Kansas counties.

Although Hamilton said he could not determine an exact number of census forms the bureau has received from Douglas County or Lawrence residents, he said the bureau was receiving steady flow of forms from the area daily.

"THERE WERE quite a few group living areas at (Kansas) University that did not receive forms," he said.

Those groups should be getting the forms this week, he said. "I expect we will have a steady flow through the month."

Hamilton estimated that between 2 and 3 percent of all residents in Douglas County have not received census forms.

"There are several reasons why they might not have recieved one by now," he said. "The main message that I am trying to get out is that if you haven't received one, you will be getting one soon."

HAMILTON said address changes and mail that can't be delivered account for the 2 to 3 percent of the residents who have not received forms.

He said any Lawrence residents who have not received census forms should call the census office at 1-800-999-1990.

Workers from the census bureau were hand-delivering and collecting forms last week for Kansas University students who reside in group housing quarters, such as residence halls or fraternity houses.

Census forms were to continue to be hand-delivered to students living in group housing quarters through this week, Hamilton said.

Federal guidelines mandate that students are to be counted as residents of where they are living on April 1.

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