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November 17, 1989


United Way of Douglas County recorded its largest gains of this year's campaign on Thursday, when between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. the amount of money raised jumped from 65 percent to 86 percent of the $768,000 goal.

The $660,572 raised so far can fund United Way services into November 1990.

Barb Smith, United Way executive director, and Sandy Praeger, the drive chair, attributed Thursday's dramatic increase to a few large contributions. They included $122,363 in pledges from Hallmark Cards Inc.; $7,310 from E & E Specialties Inc.; $2,000 as a corporate gift from KPL Gas Service; $3,960 as a corporate gift from Hall-Kimbrell Environmental Services Inc.; $7,419 from Hall-Kimbrell employees; and $7,000 from UARCO, which was included in Eudora's drive total.

United Way still has about $107,000 to raise before it reaches its goal. The fund drive ends Nov. 30.

"IT WILL be tough going, but we have about 200 accounts in the business and industry and professional divisions that we've heard from before but haven't heard from this year. It will be a push to get those in," she said.

Praeger said the new total indicates that the final push has to come from within.

"This (new total) says to me the work that remains to be done is with our own people, not the companies. The companies are really doing their jobs."

Smith said there's no doubt that there's a strong spirit of United Way support this year.

"I'm not sure why that is," she said. "We keep asking folks as they have reported on these successful campaigns and there just seems to be a lot of upbeat enthusiasm. If we knew what it was, we could bottle it and sell it."

A "VICTORY celebration" has been set for 4 p.m. Nov. 30 at the Adams Alumni Center.

Following are the divisions and the percentage they've raised:

Business and industry, $380,405, or 80.6 percent of the $472,033 goal.

Professional, $17,120, or 53.9 percent of the $31,765 goal.

Kansas University, $113,325, or 102.8 percent of the $110,000 goal.

Neighborhood/Direct Mail, $60,103, or 90.2 percent of the $66,621 goal.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, $20,879, or 107 percent of the $19,446 goal.

Lawrence School District 497, $26,775, or 111.6 percent of the $24,000 goal.

City government, $15,023, or 97.9 percent of the $15,352 goal.

County government, $14,574, or 99.7 percent of the $14,625 goal.

Eudora, $8,350, or 458 percent of the $1,823 goal.

Lecompton, $370, or 87.1 percent of the $425 goal.

Baldwin, $3,032, or 60.6 percent of the $5,000 goal.

Combined federal $616, or 9.2 percent of the $6,710 goal.

Funds raised will benefit the 26 local United Way agencies.

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