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November 17, 1989


Sixty-one properties in Douglas County moved a step closer to a judicial tax sale Thursday.

That's when a list of 61 properties with unpaid taxes dating back as far as 1985 was filed in Douglas County District Court, according to Patti Hackney, assistant county counsel.

The total amount owed is $240,633, she said, noting that the figure doesn't include court costs. In addition, interest is continuing to accrue on the taxes, she said.

People who want to redeem their property now must go to the district court clerk and pay court costs. Then they must pay all of their back taxes plus interest and fees at the county treasurer's office.

The actual sale is probably several months away. The county has to send notices to all of the property owners, some of whom live out of state, Hackney said, and there are some additional legal steps that must be taken in the courts.

But people on the list who wait until after Dec. 20 to pay their back taxes will be facing an even bigger bill. After that date, Hackney said, 1989 taxes must be included in the payment.

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