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November 14, 1989


As cold weather and the holidays approach, agencies and other groups in Douglas County seek ways to help low-income residents who might otherwise have little to celebrate.

One business collects and cleans used winter coats to distribute to those who need them. Food stores, churches and other groups collect canned food and staples. Some supply turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners. Agencies already are compiling lists of people who would like some help to provide a merrier Christmas for their families.

The appeals come every year, and some more fortunate residents may tend to become blase about such charitable efforts. It's also easy to think that if you don't do something, someone else will take care of it.

But what better time than the holiday season to count your own blessings and share a little of your bounty with someone less fortunate. There are many deserving people who would appreciate a helping hand with food or utility bills.

Offering help to others is what makes a community work and work together. Showing concern for neighbors not only helps the individuals involved but strengthens the city and county as well. So while looking at your holiday budget, consider setting aside something for someone you may not even know. Unlike some people on your list, they are almost guaranteed to appreciate whatever gift you make.

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