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December 20, 1989


Three Kansas University professors have received medical research grants totaling more than $480,000 from the Wesley Foundation in Wichita.

C.C. Cheng, professor of pharmacology and director of the drug development laboratory at the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kan., will receive $192,085 to make and evaluate specific chemicals that have shown cancer-fighting traits. Cheng's research is directed toward the development of new anti-cancer drugs.

A grant of $196,136 to Fusao Takusagawa, director of the chemistry X-ray charting laboratory at the Lawrence campus, will be used to study a series of cancer drugs. He hopes to develop new ways to improve the effectiveness of the drugs and reduce their harmful effects.

Paul A. Kitos, professor of biochemistry at the Lawrence campus, will receive $93,791 to study protease nexin I, a human enzyme-inhibitor, and study the relationship betweeen it and the development of cancerous tumors.

During the last three years, the Wesley Foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $17 million for medical education, research and other health care problems throughout the state.

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