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December 19, 1989


Editor, Journal-World:

While the Chamber of Commerce has taken the responsibility of promoting the downtown, one of the less expensive and very effective ways would be to have an information center on Massachusetts Street. Many towns, both larger and smaller, have such centers and many visitors are amazed that we have no such service.

I know, the Chamber of Commerce says, ``come to our office,'' but what stranger knows to look on side streets until he finds it.

The Watkins Museum is constantly deluged by people who need directions and incidentally, public rest rooms. The city of Lawrence offers no such amenitites.

We at the museum are glad to direct people at the times the museum is open.

But if we are to act as an information center, then the chamber should provide a sign so designating and some city maps a little financial help in maintenance and personnel would be acceptable.

Also, the sign at 23rd and Mass., pointing to downtown is too small and poorly placed. It can't be seen until one is in or past the intersection.

Mrs. W.P. Grantham,

1316 E. 16th.

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