Writing through: National Novel Writing Month

This November, the Journal-World examines local novelists' journeys through the 30-day writing adventure known as National Novel Writing Month.

As their writing unfolds, so will this story. Check back to meet writers, observe how they evolve, find out what NaNoWriMo is all about and see how the Lawrence community takes on the 50,000-word challenge.

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Charting progress

As a lot of NaNo writers will tell you: The key is the word count. Like running a marathon, some writers' goal is just to finish, which means hitting 50,000 words or 1,667 words per day in 30 days. Four novelists, two veterans and two first-timers, let us chart their progress here. Click each node to see how many words they wrote in that day.

In his sixth NaNo, local artist and photographer Dave DeHetre is writing for himself: "This year I think I'll have less of an audience focus while I'm writing."

Jane Schinkel is a 15-year-old Free State High School student who loves to write. It's her first time in NaNoWriMo and she doesn't know if she'll finish but she anticipates "stress, exhilaration, sleep deprivation, success."

Jason Arnett started as a comic-book writer minus the comics. His sixth NaNoWriMo project is a sequel to a previous NaNo novel.

Lawyer Jessica Whittamore finally has the time to dedicate to NaNo. It's her first time and though she says she may not reach the goal, her aim to get the habit of writing down pat.