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nanmo Freestate Doors, Inc.

I had a services call shortly after the door was installed and it took the employee less than 30 seconds to correct the issue yet charged me 39.00 dollars.

scottywax replies...

I am so sorry that you were not happy with our service! In response to your negative review, we pulled all records associated with this call and the installation of your door. We found that your door was installed over a year prior to this service, not "shortly" before. In order to keep your door performing optimally we suggest yearly maintenance. In addition, the need for this service had nothing to do with door installation or malfunction. It was only due to your trash can blocking the sensor. Still, if you felt the $39.00 charge, that covers only operating cost, was too much we wish you would have called. We would have been more than happy to work with you. As you can see from all of our other reviews customer service is our main priority. In an effort to meet your satisfaction we have settled your bill. Please disregard your invoice in full. We hope that you will accept our sincerest apologies and consider us for future garage door needs!
Best Regards,
Scott Weatherwax
President, Freestate Doors, Inc