Sweet Ascent w/ Never Let This Go and Young Medicine


Event details

Doors at 8pm | Show at 9pm | All Ages

From Lawrence, Kansas, Sweet Ascent is a four-piece rock band comprised of Jordan Rebman, Bobby Louden, Jake Dorn, and Allex Wilson. Beginning in 2012, the group has undergone many changes both in membership and style to become the ensemble they are today. From humble basement beginnings, the journey of Sweet Ascent has taken no short cuts. The group has released three 5-track EPs, and although earlier songs tell stories of young love and following dreams, the EP 'WAR' was a turning point in style and sound, shaping the band's future. 'WAR' is the journal of a group facing the end of what has been an incredible battle. Its deep lyrics, well thought concept, and newfound rock roots are what held the band together and allowed it to emerge stronger than ever.


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