Sleeping with the Enemy”


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Testimonial-    "Sleeping With the Enemy"--  The compelling story of KCK native, Lisa Watson's journey through the LEFT. From college internship at Planned Parenthood, to President of the KC Chapter of the ACLU, Lisa learned the language and tools of the LEFT. Learn about her journey from atheism, feminism, Darwinism, and liberalism. Hear about the supernatural encounter that guided her to Jesus.  Finally learn why Conservatives will need to adopt the 'social-movement' model of change if they want to reverse the LEFT's momentum.

Liberal Credentials

1. Former Leftist

2. Former Atheist

3. Former Feminist

4. Planned Parenthood College Intern

5. Union Stewart-  (4 years)

6. ACLU KS and W. MO Affiliate Board (2 years)

7. ACLU Affirmative Action Officer  (2 years)

8. ACLU KC Chapter President  (2 years)

9. ACLU National Board  (2 years)

Bring a dish to share and join us for a potluck dinner at 6:00pm. Stay until 7:00pm for an introduction to Lisa Watson and her "toolkit to defeat the left".

Hosted by Douglas County Republican Party.


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