Flippin’ Channels in the Estrogen Zone at Frank’s North Star Tavern


Event details

A comedic show for the heartbroken and horny. The honest and graphic recollections and fantasies of one frustrated woman navigating sex and love in a world that commodifies her loneliness. Journey into a world filled with music, products for the unsatisfied single woman and flying fruit. Watch as her different archetypes and relationship history are unleashed within the boundaries of her imagination… otherwise known as, Flippin’ Channels in The Estrogen Zone.

Echo Sunyata Sibley is an American actress and singer who currently lives in Italy. She is returning to the US in 2014 to perform her one woman show, Flippin’ Channels in the Estrogen Zone at The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival in January 2014 and to tour throughout the Midwest and the South before returning to Chicago to perform at the Public House Theatre.

$5 at the door to the basement


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