Free State Story Slam: “Fresh”


  • Categories: Spoken word
  • Event posted: March 27, 2014
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

A U D I E N C E A S P E R F O R M E R Free State Story Slam April 11 | 7 pm (stories at 7:30) The theme for the evening is FRESH. Come prepared to share your 5 - 7 minute true story based on the theme of the evening. We are looking for true, personal stories told live, without notes. These "feature" stories should be about something that happened to you, should be practiced ahead of time, should be a story with a beginning, middle, and end (rather than just a funny anecdote), and should adhere to the 5 - 7 minute time limit. Not ready to tell a story just yet? Join us anyway and just sit back with a drink and be entertained. You may surprise yourself and be inspired to tell a short (1 - 2 minute) impromptu story in between the longer stories. Stories told live. Extraordinary, witty, suspenseful: Whatever yarns you have, spin them. This is a don’t-miss occasion to hear and share whoppers, MOTH–style, the second Friday of each month. Raconteurs step up to the mic to bring laughs, tears, surprise, amazement, and the occasional awkward moment. All are welcome, bring a tale to tell on the theme for the evening, or just come to eavesdrop. Never the same story, or evening, twice. Live music starts at 7, slam begins at 7:30. This event is suitable for 18 years and older.


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