Artist Talk and Reception: Janet Davidson-Hues & Ben Ahlvers


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Artist Talk and Reception: Janet Davidson-Hues & Ben Ahlvers

Cider Gallery Fine Art and the Invisible Hand Gallery will host a reception and informal artist talk by artists Janet Davidson-Hues and Ben Ahlvers on Tuesday, November 12th at 7:00 PM at Cider Gallery.

JANET DAVIDSON-HUES Janet Davidson-Hues investigates and combines language, image, and object to create paintings and installations, audio and video. Davidson-Hues, born in Baltimore, MD, is an MFA graduate with honors from the University of Kansas and former Assistant Professor of Art at Indiana State University. She has exhibited her work nationally in 20 solo shows and 130 invitational and group exhibitions. Internationally, she has participated in various installations, lectures, performances, video screenings, and exhibitions in Germany, Italy Israel, and China.

BEN AHLVERS Ceramicist Ben Ahlvers approaches his sculptures with great care for craft and respect for clay as a medium of fine art. Inspired by personal narrative, Ahlvers develops figures that engage the viewer through attention to detail and humor. Ahlvers' lively figures, primarily clay with the occasional found object or fabric, exhibit a quality of motion, as though caught mid gesture. The artist achieves this by beginning many of his sculptures with a drawing. He then uses his knowledge of clay construction to capture the movement of the two-dimensional work in a three-dimensional form. Through his exhibition, Ahlvers is able to juxtapose sculpted characters and articles in a way that tells an intimate story infused with his sense of humor. This use of comedy allows Ahlvers to discuss with his audience personal subject matter in an accessible yet unique manner, drawing on irony and satire to highlight the dichotomy of light and dark present in life and art.


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