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If YOU or YOUR CHILD is STRUGGLING WITH SLEEP and/or EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS PLEASE ATTEND OUR FREE SEMINAR MAY 23RD IN LAWRENCE. ATTENDEES RECEIVE A FREE BRAINWAVE OPTIMIZATION ASSESSMENT. SPONSORED BY THE LIFE ENRICHMENT CENTER and BRAIN BALANCE KANSAS WITHOUT MEDICATION: HELPING CHILDREN AND ADULTS FIND BALANCE AND HARMONY Holiday Inn Convention Center 200 McDonald Lawrence 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday May 23rd · HELP FOR: · sleep problems, depression, anxiety · acting out behaviors in children, · anger and re-activity in adults, · substance abuse, eating disorders, attention problems, and more. Learn How children and adults are finding balance and harmony in their lives through BRAINWAVE OPTIMIZATION with RTB™ A new way to look at emotional and behavioral problems in children and adults About the research that proves the validity of the use of BRAINWAVE OPTIMIZATION with RTB™ for sleep disorders without the need for expensive and inconvenient sleep studies and powerful medications About our new for children and adults that are effective, efficient, and cost effective We have trained hundreds of individuals with BRAINWAVE OPTIMIZATION here in Lawrence and most have experienced a significant reduction or elimination in the need for medication. ATTEND this seminar and you will receive a free BRAINWAVE OPTIMIZATION assessment and consultation. Space is limited so please reserve early. Email your reservation to: or Call 785-842-2752 and leave your reservation information on our voice mail. When reserving please insure you leave an email address AND callback number!


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