The Tuesday Concert: Kinks Kollective


Event details

A Kinks Kollective (music by The Kinks) Join us for an evening of music written by Ray and Dave Davies, performed by members of Fortnight, the Rinkles, the Silos, Rasmandala, and Uncle Dirtytoes, from very early to very late in the Kinks’ career, and including a Davies-inspired original song and a Sanskrit translation of a 60’s hit single. Performers are Sebastian Alfie, Maria Anthony, Bill Clayton, Debbie Goldberg, Megan Hurt, Bryan Foster, Clark Jamison, Darrell Lea, Deborah Pine, Chris Tease, Andy Timmons, and Geeta Tiwari. Very special guest, Iain Ellis, will give a brief discussion of the Kinks as covered in his book Brit Wits- History of British Rock Humor (available at the Raven, the Library, or Amazon). This special program will last a little longer than usual, probably 9:00. Details at


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